Greg Wilson


Ravenna native, joined the band in its Rutland Station incarnation in high school with Dick, Mike, Dave, and Keylon, who were my musical big brothers.
Sang in RHS choir with Dick, took guitar lessons from Dave and Mike.
Played keyboard, guitar, some vocals (those guys forced me to sing "What's her name?" by Don and Juan without me ever hearing the record!) Band fell apart when Dick went to Vietnam, I went on to college and grad school, and really got away from music.
Now a partner in world's leading management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, living in Great Falls, VA.
Picked up guitar(s) again in recent years, started taking lessons again with my son Chris,
Mike called me to play at their 50th birthday reunion and I jumped at the chance. One thing lead to another, and the idea of Reunion CD was born. Another chance to play original music and chase women, and it worked.
We have the CD now, and I just got engaged to my 6th grade girlfriend, Beejay (Brode) Buchanan, also from Ravenna, who also played flute on the CD.
My kids also played on Reunion, Sarah piano on two songs and Chris guitar lead on another.
End of story.

Songs on the Reunion CD:

In the Morning...
Step inside my Dream
First Love


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