D.L. Rogers

Mom bought me a guitar at age 8, teacher told me to give it up my hands were too small. (He was my inspiration.)
Lived in Florida, nice, and then moved to Ohio, where it snows, what’s up with that? Met Dick Bowling at West Main Elementary in Ravenna.
Played with Scepters/Marauders in 1963/64 with Dick, Bill Greene and Dave Ferrell.
Sang with Dick and Greg Wilson in the RHS choir, until asked to sing elsewhere by the choir director.
Played in Rutland Station with Dick, Mike, Keylon Patch and Greg.
Played with Tim Miller and the Backwoods 4 playing country music. Toured US and Canada with Dick, Gerry Keegan and Dom Tortorella. 73-76.
Something happened in between 76 and 83. ?
1983/87-Toured US and Canada in Cody with Dick, Gerry, Paul and Kevin.
Somewhere in there played with Mike, Mary, Tort, Gerry Simon, Dave ?, and Don White in Southern Freedom.
1988- Married Kathy and moved to Louisville.
2000-FOG Reunion concert with friends.
2001-FOG CD with friends. (Gerry and Willard also)
I work as the staff landman at Great Lakes Energy Partners, L.L.C., an oil and gas exploration company in Hartville, Ohio.
Currently living in Louisville with my wife Kathy, and daughter Valerie, 18, who will be a sophomore,(with a 3.87 grade average), in college next semester.

Songs on the Reunion CD:

Free as a Bird
Cheap Imitation
Rich Man


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