Keylon Patch

short version: born 1/2/50 akron ohio, played at "the class of 68 turns 50" birthday party 8/5/00. longer version: (more details) grew up in ravenna, ohio, worked a paper route in in 5th, 6th and 7th grade to buy first set of drums.-ludwig classics white pearl - took lessons at highland elementary and brown jr high. played first gig in summer of 1964 with tim miller, rich hartung and dave bednar at friendship acres in randolph oh, believe i made a whole $5, and knew from that point on i was born to rock!!! first band with class mates was "the shillings" with bowling, rogers and greene-played j-teens gigs and at the attic and belfrey?? also played with miller, hartung, bowling and greene-"the senders". later, played with bowling, jim frank, kenny yovicsen and jerry casale( of devo fame) in "the haymarket riot". another band was "the motley odds" with don and jim woodruff, rick lytel and dave puffer on the farfisa organ!!! those were all high school days. in college, played with delaney, bill lohr and butch lepro in "the mint" (previously the frisco mint) for about a year. last band (circa 1971-1972)was "the otis trotter blues band" with otis trotter, les allen, bob goldthwaite and a few others whos' names escape me. after that I pretty much got out of the music scene, except in 1978 when some of us sat in for a set at our 10 year reunion. had not played the drums since then until the gig at the rusty nail in august , 2000. married to helen mathis in 1995, have four step kids (two boys two girls) moved to florida in 1973 from ravenna. have been in the insurance business pretty much since graduating from mount union college in june 1972. live in maitland florida (next to orlando). looking for a steady drumming gig and would like to get out of the insurance business as soon as possible. will drum for food. the end (finally)

Songs on the Reunion CD:

None, but working on some for the next one.


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