Bill Greene


I grew up and attended school in Ravenna, Ohio.
Sitting in the cafeteria at Brown Jr. High in the spring, Dick Bowling asked me if I had heard of the Beatles. We formed a band on paper that day.
I bought a Harmony guitar and amp and learned what I could.
The Marauders were formed with Dick Bowling, Dave Rogers, Dave Ferrell, and me. It took awhile, but we played the next year at the Big Spring? dance at the Junior High. Over the next year or two we played J-Teens, the Attic, and a couple of school dances.
I played the tambourine with the Senders with Dick, Keylon Patch, Tim Miller and Rich Hartung.
Then I went off to Miami University and got a BFA in art in 1972. Five years later I got an MFA in art also from Miami. In the meantime I put the guitar down and only picked it up a couple of times a year for 30 odd years.
Then came the FOG Reunion concert at the Millenium/50th Birthday Party for the Class of 68. And then came everything involved in the FOG Reunion CD.

Presently I work at Morris Technologies in Cincinnati, Ohio, managing the SLA department building prototypes.
I do a little freelance sculpting working mostly on toys. I also have a small display company building props and animated Christmas displays for department stores and malls.

I am married to Cathy (Miller) and we live in Oxford, Ohio. We have 3 sons: Andrew, married to Jessica; Nicholas, who added some keyboards and percussion on the CD, married to Angeline; and Nathaniel.

Songs on the Reunion CD:

For the Radio
The Girl with the Lonely Eyes
Pictures of a Memory

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