Dick Bowling


Grandma bought me a $25 Baron guitar at age 12. (1962)
Moved to Ravenna from Kentucky in 1962. Met Dave Rogers at West Main elementary school.
Formed Scepters/Marauders in 1963/64 with Dave, Bill Greene and Dave Ferrell.
Sang with Dave and Greg Wilson in the RHS choir.
Played in Rutland Station with Dave, Mike, Keylon Patch and Greg.
Ravenna High graduate. 67/68.
Served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division from 70/71.
Formed Dapplegrim in 1972 with Mike, Phil Schettler and Tim Slabaugh.
Played with Tim Miller and the Backwoods 4 playing country music. Toured US and Canada with Dave, Gerry Keegan and Dom Tortorella. 73-76.
Played with the Measles from 77/78.
Played with the rock band Sherriff from 78/83. S. Rock and originals. Band included Gerry, Willard Smith, Paul Whitaker and Kevin Grothe.
1983/87-Toured US and Canada in Cody with Gerry, Paul, Dave and Kevin.
1992 played in Badge with Paul and Bobby Sepulveda.
1998-Songwriting with Willard Smith. Shopped original demos to Nashville labels.
2000-FOG Reunion concert with friends.
2001-FOG CD with friends. (Gerry and Willard also)
I also work for Parker Hannifin as the Traffic/Warehouse manager at the Parflex division plant in Ravenna.
Reside in Ravenna with wife Marilyn and son Dustin, 14.

Songs on the Reunion CD:

Dance Away
Two Legs and Trouble

Play Intro Movie

Dick Bowling

Bass guitar

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